Choosing the Best and Safest Toys For Your Dog |

So you go to the pet store to get your dog some new toys and you get overwhelmed by the massive amounts that you see. There are so many types, shapes, sizes, etc., that you don’t know what you should get! Basically there are two types of toys for your dog – fluff and interactive.Fluff toys look cute and sweet, but may not necessarily be the best for your dog. Some examples are stuffed and squeaky rubber or plastic toys. These are OK for some dogs, but many dogs will quickly destroy them, which can be dangerous to your dog and a waste of money for you. These toys can be dangerous when destroyed because your dog can ingest the parts as he or she tears it apart. Stuffing and cloth or rubber pieces can easily become lodged in your dog’s throat or intestinal system and cause a trip to the vet to remove them, sometimes via surgery, and have even caused death. It is OK to give your dog these toys if they are not voracious chewers and are being supervised. There now are toys that are made without stuffing so that dogs can have ‘fluff’ toys or ‘stuffed’ animal toys without the danger of the stuffing. They are also a pain to clean up!Interactive toys make your dog have to work somehow for some type of reward. Chew toys, puzzle toys, and fetch toys. I am including chew toys in this category because the reward for your dog is the ability to destroy the toy/treat. Fetch toys do require you to play with your dog, but they are still interactive and puzzle toys are generally self sufficient toys for your dog. Puzzle toys generally have a reward of treats or other toys for the dog. The dog has to figure out how to get the treats or toys out of the main toy. This is usually done by dropping, rolling, or chewing the main toy. As the dog does this, treats or toys come out of the main toy and reward your dog for all of his or her hard work.Interactive toys are great way to occupy your dogs time. They are great for when your dog is in his or her kennel or when they are in need of something to do. They make your dog have to ‘think’ in order to ‘solve’ the puzzle (get the reward). Your dog needs to have mental stimulation as well as physical stimulation or he or she will not truly ever be tired and satisfied.Here is a list of some good Interactive toys and chews for your dog:
Kong – you can stuff it and it’s good for chewers
Kong Wobbler
Kong Genius
Kyjen Iqube
Kyjen Intellibone
Kyjen Hide a Toy
Busy Buddy toys by Premier Products
Atomic Treat Ball
Kong (R) fetch toys
Buster Food Cube
Tough Turtle Puzzle Plush
Iq Treat Ball
Starmark Everlasting Treat Ball and Beanie Ball
Jolly Pets Teaser Ball
Seek-a-Treat Flip N Flop Dog Puzzle Toy
Stuffed Marrow Bones
Bully sticks – safer than rawhide
Rope toys – good for flossing your dog’s teeth
Nylabone Here are some good Fluff toys for your dog:
Tuffy Toys
Skineez Stuffing Free Dog Toys If you stick to the above lists for toys for your dogs, or do your own research to find the right toys for your dog, you will not only save yourself money but you could save your dog’s life!Remember that a tired dog is a good dog with a happy owner!